As a mom and a travel agent I get asked quite frequently WHEN is the best time to travel?

Like many things in family life and in the travel world the answer depends so much on the individual family involved.

Below is a list of guidelines I use to qualify my guests and my own family when suggesting travel opportunities.

  1.  Do you have school age children?  Consider the school calendar as well as sports and extra curricular commitments your child will wish to make that will have an impact on any days missed.
  2. Will weather impact the pace of your travel plans?  Tropical storms in the summer and snow in the winter will impact outdoor activities and in some cases flight plans.
  3. Are there any holidays during your target travel time?  Check operations times and potential closures for any stops that are a must on your travel wish list.
  4. How do crowds play into your plans?  While certain locations are not really showing an “off season” trend there are certainly times of the year where peak crowds are expected that certain families may wish to avoid.
  5. When you dream of your next vacation what do you see?  Creating a dream board that the family can all comment on is a great way to narrow down the dreams of everyone in the family and help you visualize more of what you want from this years trip.  In narrowing down the where you can help get insight into the when.

Still need further guidance and direction on the 1st steps to a great trip?  Send me an email and let’s set up an appointment to talk about your specific family and your wants and needs.

Family travel is my specialty.

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