If there is one thing I miss when I leave a cruise ship it’s the wait staff.  The attention to detail and the pampering each guest receives is nothing short of amazing.

On my last cruise we had the most amazing wait staff.  The waiter and his assistant paid wonderful attention to my 2 boys allowing my husband and I to truly enjoy the dining experience.

It”s amazing how easily one can get used to having someone refresh your wine glass nightly isn’t it?

By the second night of the cruise our waiter knew that my boys would be restless going into desert.  He had witnessed the antsy behavior the night before.  Without asking for it we had hot coffee just like we had ordered on the first night.  Extra coloring pages arrived for the children because the waiter remembered that last night my husband and I commented on how much we enjoyed coffee and desert but that the boys were winding down and getting ready for bed so we were needing it to arrive in a hurry.  Every night he accommodated us this way.  After our main course was finished he promptly brought hot coffee and the desert menus highlighting his personal choices for the evening and what was extra chocolaty for me with a smile.

When I arrived home from this cruise I prepared a meal just like I typically do.  I tipped my wine glass in the air and said a little thanks for the memories to my amazing waiter and his assistant.  They truly helped make our cruise memorable, relaxing and more enjoyable.

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