Some things at Walt Disney World are hidden gems. My kids and I like to place the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom while we are in the park. Have you heard of this?

When you first walk onto Main Street USA you can head over to the Fire Station and pick up your free set of cards as well as your map. This game will take you all across the Magic Kingdom while you try to defeat Disney villains. There are numerous “hidden” in each land where you will encounter your enemies.

sorceror game1

There are 3 levels of play. Easy, medium, and hard. I never finished the easy level so I can’t say how difficult each level is, but you will hold your card or cards up and try your luck. This is fun for all ages and gives you something else to do beside just standing in lines all day.

If you’re there for multiple days you can get a new pack of cards each day and continue on your journey.

sorceror game1

Next time you’re at the Magic Kingdom make sure to stop by the Fire Station and pick up your cards. Even if you don’t play an entire game, you will at least have some cool cards as souvenirs. The cards and the game are free with your admission to the park.

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