Traveling can mean long days, crowded airports and bring out crazy eating habits and lifestyle habits for even the healthiest of people.  Here are a few quick and easy tips to make your next journey a little more comfortable while keeping you on the path to good health so you can enjoy your vacation fully.

  1.  Hydrate:  Even though you can’t take water through security at an airport you can take an empty reusable water bottle.  I love reusable bottles because I actually refill them vs buying water in the equivalent to what I actually need to stay hydrated and healthy.

  2.  Bring Snacks:  Trail mix, carrot sticks and other easy to pack snacks are a great choice to bring with you from home.  I often pack several days of snacks in little bags to pop into my day bag each morning.  No matter what my plans are for the day whether I am visiting a theme park or relaxing on the beach a healthy snack is within reach.

  3.  Sunscreen and Pain Relief:  There is nothing worse than a sunburn or an unexpected headache or muscle aches from overdoing on vacation.  Plan ahead to save yourself hours of agony should you need medication and just carry it with you wherever you go.

  4.  At Least One Change Of Shoes:  I know several people who insist on traveling with just one pair of shoes.  To me this is a health concern especially in warm climates.  If you spend all day on your feet like many of us do in theme parks or hiking you have to give your feet a chance to breathe and relax.  Even if you only pack a pair of flip flops (with good support and grip on the bottom) you will be doing your feet and back a favor by mixing it up a little bit.

  5.  Limit Your Alcohol and Get Some Sleep:  Take care when ordering several alcoholic beverages and staying out all night.  While an evening out is a great way to relax and bond with friends it is also dangerous to your body if you are not used to this type of thing.  Dehydration and body aches make for a rough day the next morning.  Make sure you enjoy your vacation days as well as your nights by limiting your alcohol, adding water after alcohol and getting enough rest.

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