Min & Bill’s Dockside Dinner Pretzel Roll

This past weekend I visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While there I decided to grab a dog in a pretzel bun. I love the pretzel bun, but on previous trips I was not a fan of how they put the hotdog inside the bun like a cacoon. They would cut the top of the bun off and then put it on a skewer to make a hole for the dog. They would then squirt mustard in the bun and stick the dog in. The problem was the mustard was all at the bottom of the bun so you ended up with a piece of pretzel bread and a ton of mustard with no dog left. Maybe my complaining helped becuase when I was there this weekend they no longer had the dog “in” a pretzel bun, but a sausage on a pretzel bun. This was actually a bun. It was sliced open and the sausage was placed in with mustard on top. This is how I believe it should have been all along. So, if you are looking for a nice snack, or a meal, Min & Bill’s Dockside diner makes a great stop.

Which pretzel do you prefer?


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