It’s been a long time coming. The My Disney Experience App finally has an update. In this update you are given the option to select times and attractions at the same time. You can also obtain additional FP+ selections once your first 3 are used.

You can even get another FP+ for a ride you already had a FP for that day. As long as there are FPs still available. You can also get a FP for an attraction at a different park once your first 3 are used for the day. All this can be done using the app now. The FP kiosks are no longer necessary if the app is working.

Check out the quick video I put together showing some of the new features.

Dave HeadshotDave Hodges is a travel agent specializing in Walt Disney World vacations, cruise travel, Florida vacations, and military discounted travel. Dave can be contacted via email, social media, or telephone. 904-297-8142

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