There is something about the first day of school every year that smacks us right in the middle of the face as parents.  You see the beginning of a new school year for your children and are happy for them and nervous for them as they start a new adventure.  On the flip side you see the end of a period of time.  It might be the end of summer.  It might be the end of babyhood and having them home with you all day.  Perhaps you are at the end of Elementary School and entering the High School years.  Are the College years already upon you and if you press pause you can see that it really did seem just like yesterday that they were born.

WOW!  What a picture of time and how quickly it passes!  Count the number of school breaks left until your children leave for college.

You have my attention TIME!  I hear you loud and clear.

Some people say I spend too much time out on adventures, traveling and seeing all that we can see.  I guess it’s just in my nature to explore.  18 summers and Christmas breaks with my kids. Several are already behind me.  How many do you have left?

Some people say that traveling with kids is too much work.  To those people I want to personally invite them to set up a consultation appointment with me.  Let’s chat about your concerns traveling with a family.  I have been traveling by car, air and cruise ship with my boys since they were infants.  It can be done with proper planning and the empowerment that comes with educating yourself with what is unknown.

Some people say that traveling is too expensive.  For these people I would like to remind them about booking in advance and budgeting for travel in the family budget.  In many cases you can book a package with a small deposit and pay over time.

However you decide to travel and whenever you decide to travel make a note of the time you have left with your family as a family.  Make a note of how you are spending your time everyday.  Note the time spent at the family dinner table, the weekends, the quiet moments in the morning.  Not everyday is a travel day where amazing memories are made doing once in a lifetime things.  BUT, every moment is a chance to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

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